End Times


“What are you talking about? I am a suitcase!”

“We all thought that when we got here. You will find out the truth. Hopefully, it won’t take you too long. You need to wake up.”

“But I am awake.”

“Yeah… In your dreams, big boy,” said Anna.

Lukas looked around. His eyes adjusting to the dark like a cat, he first noticed a cute peach-colored bag with a bulging lower pocket. Then there was the ultra-modern, sleek black titanium case with a built-in camera pocket on his side. A batik cloth bag imprinted with colorful Indonesian exit stamps stood next to an over-sized red leather majestic suitcase with brass buttons on the seam. Turquoise beads adorned its handle. 108 of them.

“These are the guys.” Anna moved to the side and adjusted her top pocket a bit, so her ample cleavage was more readily apparent.

“Hi. How long have you all been here?” asked Lukas trying to be friendly and break the icy silence. The odd collection of suitcases stared at him.

“Wrong question,” boomed the black titanium bag in some sort of clipped Asian accent.

“Pay close attention, and all the right questions will be answered in time. Right now, you are required to learn a few rules. I am Hiromoto, Anna’s right hand, her right side of the world. When she is not around, you answer to me. Got it!”

“Ooookaaayyy,” said Lukas as he rolled his eyes up to the dark ceiling.

“Peachie is from Amsterdam. Karma is from Nepal, and Wayan is from Bali. Of course, I am from Japan. We four represent everything four. Air, earth, water, and fire, West, North, South, and East, four table legs, four seasons, stability, Daleth, four corners of the earth. We are everything four and unmovable. And yet our strength is our problem. Together we are the immovable object. We are strong. We are perfect. However, entropy has set in, and we cannot move very far from each other. We need the sky element to bring us to five and give us space so that we can move independently and create once again. We have important jobs to do, but we are stuck. Remember, movement is life. Staying still is death.”

“But you are all suitcases! We are all suitcases!” cried out Lukas.

“Keep dreaming Lukas! How long will it take you to wake up if you think you are already awake?” asked Hiromoto.

“Okay, boys. Enough, enough.” Anna snarled in her low sultry Mae West voice. “It’s been a long day. Let’s go get something to mangia. I hear Sorelli’s has made too many pizzas again. Our lucky day but then again, every day is our lucky day, especially since my sister left,” Anna sneered and laughed all at once. “Andiamo. Let’s go.”

Lukas followed this odd mixture of suitcases who thought they were so much more than he could comprehend. They rolled around in the darkness together with a common purpose he did not understand, so he surrendered and followed them. They seemed to know what to do, and he was sure he didn’t.”

Marie O’Malley. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

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