La Madrugada


“We have always danced. There was that night in Playa del Carmen in our early dating days when Fifth Avenue closed off the street for the music. Drum beats and clapping hands surrounded us. Energy lifted us, and we danced on light rays as the crowd gathered, urging us on. Our dancing feet felt so young.

Now, twenty years later, the wedding coaxed these younger versions of ourselves to come forward to dance again. The proper, unsuspecting, religious, aristocratic crowd sat slack-jawed and motionless as Angelo, and I once again danced on moonbeams. We lost our ages to the music. Only the bride and groom, Angelo’s son, joined us in an ecstatic, delightful moment of movement and love.

On the flight back to Cancun images from the time in Naples, before and after the wedding, dominated my mental landscape. Once again, we shopped the exquisite boutiques on the hills of Vomero and sailed the Tyrrhenian Sea with its Mediterranean blue colors flowing around us as the wind tussled our sun-warmed hair. The old town at night revealed her secrets to us through the ongoing theater of local dialect in the background. Feeling exotic under the light of the full moon kissed by Venus, love itself embraced us.

“How great it is to be born a woman in this modern age,” I mused out loud as the night sky danced around my words and I whispered the desires of my heart into the heavens. The echo reverberated with ecstasy traveling on my skin and deep into my soul. Even Angelo opened up to the magic of the night in Naples, his birthplace.

“It’s a good time for love,” he said.

His words filled me with the hope that he and I were about to begin a new chapter in the story of our love. It was an old, passionate story with many hills and valleys as lovers, live-ins, business partners, enemies and finally friends in a long, long tale. Perhaps now, our reach for the stars would not fall short.

Optimism flowed through me fueled by a wedding, propelled by dancing and sealed by the re-connection of an intimate night on the balcony of his son’s apartment after the marriage ceremony. Uncommonly steamy inside the apartment for April in Italy, Angelo opened the balcony doors and pulled out the sofa cushions. We made love al fresco on the eighth-floor terrace under the light of the waning moon. Safe from prying eyes because few city dwellers go outside to look at the sky especially on sultry nights, they just turn on the air conditioning. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even think about others, only afterward. The moment itself, was hot with passion, focused on pleasure.”

Marie O’Malley. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.


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